About us

After accumulating years of experience both in industry and in private practice, Jon Wyness set up MW Trade Marks in Spring 2009.  Shortly afterwards, he was joined by Anne Wong, who had served as partner in a top London firm for 12 years.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, MW Trade Marks has grown into a team that is large and experienced enough to meet the requirements of clients in this complex area of law, whilst still providing a customised service for our clients’ individual needs.  Given the bespoke nature of our service, we attract a wide range of businesses from global companies through to start-up enterprises.

We provide clear and practical advice which takes into account all relevant aspects of legislation, practice and case-law.  We offer proactive, commercially-biased advice at competitive rates.

Attorneys at MW Trade Marks are qualified to represent clients before the UK and European Community Trade Marks Office.  Additionally, through an established network of trade mark specialists in countries around the world, we are able to offer advice and arrange for registered protection of trade marks in territories all over the world.