Copyright provides protection for literary, artistic and musical works. Copyright may reside in trade mark logos, designs and decoration of goods, website content, typefaces, get-up of stores, marketing material, brochures and photographs, computer software, customer lists and databases.

Copyright comes into existence automatically. The ownership and duration of the right varies according to the type of copyright work and its application. For example, industrially applied works enjoy shorter protection than purely aesthetic artwork and the creator owns the rights in some cases, whilst the employer or commissioner can own them in others. It is essential therefore for businesses to ensure that they own the copyright in works they use and that the details of the creator and date of creation are carefully recorded to assist in enforcement of the rights against unlawful copying.

At MW Trade Marks we:

  • Advise on the relevance of copyright to your business;
  • Devise strategies for using copyright to protect your business;
  • Ensure that your chain of title to your important copyright works is clear;
  • Advise on licensing and exploitation of your copyright work.

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