Design protection is available for the shape and other features of your goods and their packaging or decoration. Design protection can also extend to trade mark logos. There are two types of design rights – registered and unregistered design rights.

Registered design rights give longer and broader protection. Registration is quick, simple and cost-effective. It is useful for designs which are likely to be used for the foreseeable future rather than a purely one-off or seasonal design.

Unregistered design rights come into existence automatically but last for a shorter period and give narrower protection than registered design rights. They are useful for protecting one-off or seasonal designs.

A grace period of one year allows you to decide whether a design is sufficiently successful to warrant registration.

At MW Trade Marks we:

  • Advise on the relevance of registered and unregistered design rights to your business;
  • Devise strategies for the use of registered and unregistered design rights to protect your business;
  • Advise on clearance of designs for your use;
  • Register, maintain and enforce your designs;
  • Ensure that your chain of title to your important designs is clear;
  • Advise on licensing and exploitation of your design rights.