Domain Names
The use of a domain name is generally considered akin to use of the name as a trade mark. This means that the use of domain names can infringe trade mark rights. Domain names should therefore be cleared for use and protected in the same way as trade marks.
The registration of a domain name, without corresponding trade mark protection, gives no right to the name as a trade mark and very little right to stop others registering and using a similar domain name or trade mark.

At MW Trade Marks we assist with:

  • The selection of new domain names;
  • Devising a cost-effective registration strategy to fit with your business;
  • Conducting clearance searches for new domain names;
  • Registration of domain names in the UK and worldwide;
  • Reporting on similar marks via a domain name watching service;
  • Conduct of domain name disputes;
  • Maintenance and renewal of domain name rights;
  • Acquisition of domain name rights from others.

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