Information for Franchisors

MW Trade Marks is an adviser to the UK franchise community through Franchise Suppliers which is owned by and promoted by The Franchise Supplier Showcase.

As a franchisor you need security in knowing that the brand you have selected and to which you are committing your business is available to you and you need complete control over use and registration of your trade marks both now and in the future.  MW Trade Marks enables you to achieve that security and control.

We support franchise businesses by conducting clearance searches, registering trade marks and designs in the UK and around the world, setting up trade mark watches to ensure no one else tries to register your brand and advising on trade marks on the internet/domain names. We maintain trade marks, enforce trade mark rights, negotiate settlements if conflicts arise and advise on licences of your trade marks and designs.

Clearance searches

We check trade mark registers to ensure that the mark is available for your use so that you are sure, as far as possible, that you are not infringing anyone else’s rights.

We advise on whether the chosen mark is registrable and enforceable.  Not all trade marks are registrable.  There can be a tendency to select names which describe the business but which can be difficult and costly to protect.  We advise on overcoming these issues.

Trade Mark registration

We apply for and register marks and designs in the UK, and overseas using a network of well established local attorneys with whom we have negotiated competitive charges over many years.


Trade mark conflicts can arise.  We are experienced negotiators in trade mark matters.  Where conflicts can be settled, we always try to settle.

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