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Your trade mark is an important asset.  It distinguishes your product or service in the market from those of your competitors.  It should be something distinctive, with positive connotations, which is memorable for your customers.

Copyright provides protection for literary, artistic and musical works.  Copyright may reside in trade mark logos, designs and decoration of goods, website content, typefaces, get-up of stores, marketing material, brochures and photographs, computer software, customer lists and databases.

Design protection is available for the shape and other features of your goods and their packaging or decoration.  Design protection can also extend to trade mark logos.  There are two types of design rights – registered and unregistered design rights.  Registered design rights give longer and broader protection.

The use of a domain name is generally considered akin to use of the name as a trade mark.  This means that the use of domain names can infringe trade mark rights.  Domain names should therefore be cleared for use and protected in the same way as trade marks.

  • IP Audits

We can help you to identify your intellectual property with a portfolio audit.  We will highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your IP protection and show you how to add value to your business.