Trade Marks

Trade Marks

Your trade mark is an important asset. It distinguishes your product or service in the market from those of your competitors. It should be something distinctive, with positive connotations, which is memorable for your customers. A well-chosen and well-protected trade mark can acquire considerable goodwill and value. A poorly chosen or poorly protected one can lead to expensive litigation and/or rebranding.

Registering your name as part of a company name or domain name does not give rights to use of the name as a trade mark or to prevent others adopting the same or a similar name.
Registration of a trade mark protects this important business asset, giving owners the right to prevent others from using the same or a similar mark.

Most countries have their own trade mark registry and, since registrations can last indefinitely, it is vital to check that your new mark is not similar to something already registered in each country where you wish to trade. Once you know that your mark is available, it should then be registered as soon as possible.

Trade mark considerations can be vital when licensing, franchising or assigning your business. They can also be helpful in securing loans or attracting investors.

At MW Trade Marks we assist with:

  • The selection of new trade marks;
  • Conducting clearance searches for potential new marks;
  • Devising a cost-effective registration strategy to fit with your business;
  • The registration of trade marks in the UK, European Community and worldwide;
  • Reporting on similar marks via a trade mark watching service;
  • Oppositions against similar trade marks;
  • Reviewing, consolidating and improving trade mark portfolios;
  • Maintenance and renewal of trade mark rights;
  • Enforcing and defending trade mark rights;
  • Licensing and exploitation of trade mark rights;
  • Providing infringement advice;
  • Assisting in due diligence on IP rights;
  • Acquiring rights from others.